Hiring at BHIVE Workspace | Bengaluru | 23/9/2019

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The ideal candidate will be comfortable with creating an engineering plan for land development based on their calculations and any research conducted. They should have experience with AutoCAD and be able to utilize strong design skills in order to create visual aids. By utilizing strong organizational and communication skills, this candidate will also have the ability to execute a project based on the criteria outlined.

  • Responsibilities: Ensure a consistently high standard of work is produced in accordance with specification and quality standards through regular quality inspections with sub-contractors and vendors.
  • Ensure material requisitions are issued in adequate time to achieve the Construction Programme.
  • Assist Architect and Design team on site with execution according to design.
  • Set project goals and oversee projects to completion
  • schedule and track assignments.
  • Maintain comprehensive and accurate records of own, vendor and contractor activity related to projects on Gateway to enable traceability¬†
  • Handle emergencies appropriately according to established procedures; prepare and file accident reports

  • 10- 15 years general experience in construction
  • Experience in Interior Execution
  • The ability to set priorities and exercise flexibility where necessary
  • Ability to read and understand blueprints, schematics, and construction documents
  • Understanding of proper safety procedures and recognition of hazards

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